What's New: Automated collections via Text Message (SMS) and Phone Calls

We're excited to launch Automated collections via Text Message (SMS) and Phone Calls.

With these two expansions, we've created a robust and automated debt collection schedule. We now combine email, text messages, and phone calls to reach customers through multiple channels. We call this multi-channel collections. 

With the addition of SMS and Phone Calls, we now have almost 20 templates as part of our automated debt collection schedule. This schedule automatically repeats until your invoice gets paid. 

Over 12 months of debt collection, we'll send almost 100 emails50 text messages and make over 40 phone calls. You can preview the entire debt collection schedule on our sample debt recovery calendar.

Collections via Text Message (SMS) 

SMS is a powerful tool. SMS messages have an insane open rate of 98% (Tyntec). Yes, 98%! If you are chasing an invoice and want to make sure your customer sees your message, SMS is the way to go. 

We've introduced five new SMS templates. These templates automatically integrate your invoice, customer, and company details into the message. Additionally, they include a quick payment link making it quick and easy for customers to pay.

Collections via Phone Calls

Sometimes going old school and making a phone call is the best way to get your invoice paid. 

We have four phone call templates; two from Jake and two from Ashley. All phone calls include an automated system that reads the invoice details, including invoice number, amount due, due date, and unique six-digit payment code. Recipients can go to invoicerecover.com/pay and enter their six-digit payment code to pay their invoice. 

And don't worry, if your customer doesn't answer, our automated system will leave a message. 

If you have questions about these new features, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@invoicerecover.com.

Get your overdue invoices paid.

“I got an invoice paid that was six months past due. I thought it was lost, but InvoiceRecover collected!”
Ben De Rienzo
Freelance Designer