It's launched!…now what?

Jake Elia
This is the third open update for InvoiceRecover. I'll be posting these updates every month (previously every two weeks) with my progress in building and selling this SaaS product.


It's launched!…now what? 🤔

This is always a funny stage. The product is live but has zero users. It's not unexpected. 

I know the classic SaaS saying, "if you build it, they won't come." And it's true.

However, it is a massive milestone (the MVP is now live!!!), and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. 

But I know it's really just the start. Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.


The most significant update is you can sign up and start using InvoiceRecover today. We're live! 🥳

Along with recovery via email, I was able to add text messages and phone calls to the MVP. This was actually quicker than expected and made much easier by using Twilio.

Surprisingly, the biggest hurdle to launching was all the content required for the recovery schedule. It includes nine email templates, five text message templates, and four recorded phone call messages.

What's next in the Product?

Before making too many product changes, I want to get some initial users and feedback. But I do plan to start working on the following: 

  • Integrating the demand letter generator (see next section) into the recovery workflow.
  • Adding integrations with accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, and Freshbooks to sync invoices and auto-start recovery.


When I asked for feedback on the new InvoiceRecoer website, the most predominant question was, "what do the recovery emails look like?" 

So, I built a calendar preview page.

You can now see what a full 12 months of scheduled recovery would look like. You can also click on any date on the calendar and preview the recovery attempt. 

12 month calendar preview

We're ramping up SEO and content marketing. Keyword research identified 350 keywords for us to target, and we're now generating topic and article ideas. I also tackled one additional blog post over the past few weeks: A freelancers guide to creating a virtual accounting department.

Lastly, I added a new section to our home page. It highlights that we now offer email, text messages, and phone calls as part of our collections process and link to the calendar 🗓️

Mult-channel collections
What's next in Marketing?
  • Create a free invoice payment demand letter generator.
  • Launch 4+ new blog posts.
  • 10x my cold outreach. This was on the last update; unfortunately, I didn't make much progress on it.
  • Launch on Betalist.


Hit a few walls here. So what's next is really just carrying over from the last update. 

First, my MicroAcquire submission was rejected 😢. Most likely because I'm pre-revenue. Fair enough. I'll resubmit when I'm a bit further along. 

In the meantime, I'll find other marketplaces and list InvoiceRecover for sale there. 

The second wall was that displaying live data and charts on my Open Startup page was more hassle than I wanted. I'd prefer not to roll my own charts and API for this, but we'll see 🤷‍♂️. Any suggestions? 

What's next in Business?
  • List InvoiceRecover for sale on additional marketplaces
  • Add more stats to Open Startup page. 

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