First customer! But with an asterisk.

Jake Elia
This is the fourth open update for InvoiceRecover. I'll be posting these updates every month with my progress in building and selling this SaaS product.


First paying customer* and $29 in the bank! 🤑

The asterisk is because it's from my good friend and freelance designer Ben De Rienzo. Thanks, Ben! 

Someone asked me recently how things were going with InvoiceRecover, and my answer was, "slow but consistent." 

I've struggled to get traffic, sign-ups, and customers. Yet, I've continued to make consistent progress. 

So I'm actually pretty happy with the updates below, and I think that's all that matters. 


Integrations are going to be a crucial part of InvoiceRecover. For example, users' invoices live in Xero, Quickbooks, Stripe, Freshbooks, etc. And InvoiceRecover needs to be able to integrate with them all. 

I decided to start with Xero. 

Typical developer fashion, it was a little more complicated than expected. Dealing with multi-organizations and accounting codes slowed me down a little. But I was able to get through a good chunk of Xero integration, and it's looking great! 

In addition to progress on Xero, I  fully integrated Demand Letters (see below) and added the ability to delete an invoice that's pending setup (Thanks again for the feedback, Ben 🙌). 

What's next in the Product?

  • Finish the Xero integration by syncing invoices and customers 
  • Start working on Quickbooks and Stripe integration
  • Start working on invoice reminders (pivot?)


I love Engineering as Marketing. I even wrote a tweet thread about it. 

So I did some Engineering as Marketing and launched a free Demand Letter Generator for unpaid invoices. 

This free tool allows you to add your info, customer info, and invoice info. Then, add your signature, and we will generate a formal PDF demand letter. You can download the PDF or send it via email. 

Works like a charm 🍀

Five new blog posts! Yep, 5! These posts are starting to generate some organic impressions too. So far, 58 impressions and 5 clicks over the past 4 weeks. This is a promising sign. Fingers crossed this continues🤞

Cold outreach has been… cold 🥶

I reached out to 30 people over the past few weeks and have yet to get a good engagement. Not one. 

I'm unsure about my current cold outreach strategy. Still, if I can, I may experiment with targeting users I know are already using a debt collection service (thanks for the idea Jordan).

I submitted InvoiceRecover to BetaList and have been approved to be featured. I expedited this for $299. I've done this with past products, and I think it's a great way to get early exposure for a new product. Excited for it to go live in the coming days.

What's next in Marketing?

  • BetaList feature
  • Launch the free Demand Letter Generator on Producthunt
  • Create demand letters marketing page
  • Launch 10+ new blog posts
  • Record a demo video and add it to website
  • Update website with integrations section and pages for Xero and Quickbooks integrations
  • Experiment with cold outreach lists


I skimmed additional marketplaces to list InvoiceRecover for sale; sites like Tiny Acquisitions, Flippa, AcquireBase, Side Projectors, etc. But, I've decided to hold off on listings until I have more consistent growth. 

I made a few updates to the Open Startup Page, including metrics and embedded GoogleAnalytics data. 

What's next in Business?

  • Populate introductory help center articles

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